Great Divide Traverse
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"I think that the Great Divide Ski Traverse is one of the truly great ski adventures in the world. It has not lost any of its wilderness feel over the years and is still as difficult an undertaking. But it is easy to organize - no permits needed, no porters or plane tickets. It only cost a few hundred dollars each and you don't get Giardia. Unlike tours like Europe's Haute Route it is uncrowded and pure.
But most importantly the traverse is logical. It starts at Jasper and ends not far from Lake Louise. It follows a logical line along the Continental Divide, passing through some of the most spectacular mountain scenery on earth." - Chic Scott, 2011

Articles about our 2011 expedition
Rocky Mountain Outlook- by Lynn Martel
Calgary Herald- by Lynn Martel
Nelson Star- by Andrea Klassen

Other books and articles
Summits and IcefieldsBy Chic Scott. Gives a detailed account of the history until about 1999 and a very detailed route description.
Skiing the spine of the Canadian RockiesArticle about the 2005 expedition of Zac Robinson.

Reported successful completions of the entire traverse
1967Don Gardner, Charlie Locke, Neil Liske and Chic Scott21 days
1987Rory MacIntosh, Steve Langley, Charlie Eckenfelder and Peter Tucker21 days
1998James Vickers, Conrad Janzen and Kevin Embacher
2005Zac Robinson, Greg Toss, Simon Robins and Daryl Kelly27 days
2005Owen Day, Phil Marchant and Catherine Barrette
2007Janes Ales (solo)17 days
2010Gen Gready (GB) and Geir Moholdt (Nor)
2011Carsten Moldenhauer (Ger), Gerry Heacock, Daniel Robb and Edward McCarthy20 days

Skiing and climbing is dangerous, take responsibility, ski and climb at your own risk. login